Brow and lash tinting are very popular beauty procedures. Tinting involves temporarily colouring your eyebrows or eyelashes to give them a thicker and fuller look. You know what else is great? Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are part of the awesome services we offer in our upper body menu. In this post, we’re going to cover how both procedures work and the benefits you’ll get from both of them.

How Does Brow and Lash Tinting Work?

The brow tinting process is quick and easy. It involves applying dye on the eyebrows and it usually takes anywhere from between 10 to 15 minutes. How about lash tinting? Well, the process is fairly straightforward and similar to brow tinting. First, a protective towel or cloth will be applied so that the dye doesn’t stain your clothing. The next step is to apply a protective cream under the eyes to avoid stains getting onto that area. Tinting is a good alternative to mascara as it doesn’t smudge off as easily. There are also various colour options to choose from. Overall though, the process doesn’t take a long time to complete and you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when you’re going through it.

Tinting your brows and lashes are great ways to bring them to life with lash tinting also being a good alternative if you’re not a big fan of lash extensions. If you have additional questions about brow and lash tinting, don’t hesitate to send us a message or ask any one of our experienced technicians, and we will be happy to give you more helpful information, and we’ll make sure either of the procedures are a good fit for you!

Benefits of Brow and Lash Tinting

Imagine rolling out of bed each morning with your brows and lashes already done? What a great feeling that would be! There’s a ton of benefits you can get from these procedures but we will summarize the most common ones.

It’s Efficient

With our busy lives and schedules, finding a beauty procedure that relieves stress and gives us a brand new look is important. This is why tinting is one of the most efficient beauty procedures you can get done. What’s more? You can also give your hair some finishing touches by tinting — it really does add that extra oomph!

When it comes to beauty, being efficient is crucial, but often under-rated. To ensure the best use of your time, we encourage being open to trying ways that make your beauty routines more effective. This isn’t to say that brow and lash tinting are the only ways to achieve a high level of efficiency. Both beauty procedures do however cut some steps and keep you looking sharp for weeks.

It’s Convenient

Besides efficiency, there’s also the convenience factor. We mentioned earlier how it would be such a stress reliever to not have to worry too much about waking up only to realize you have to get your brows and lashes filled. Even the daily application of mascara can become a hassle, this is where tinting could save you time. For those people who love the most minimalist beauty routines, these are the procedures for you. With just a few swipes of dye, you’ll be removing hassle from your daily routine. 

It might seem trivial, but think about all that time you could save from your morning routines over the course of a week. Those minutes add up to a decent chunk of time that could give you more time to get your mornings off to a better start! So if you’re not already incorporating this procedure in your life, then now is a great time to give it some thought. Come on-board, very few things beat convenience.

It’s Fabulous

Tinting your brows and lashes do not only enhance colour and thickness, they also make you look fabulous and bring that extra definition to your eyes, arches, face and quite frankly your overall look. Also keep in mind that it is not a one colour solution, there are different shade options to pick from that suit your preference.

You can get a fabulous look if you choose the right tint. This means you can either choose a lighter or darker shade of tint depending on your skin and hair colour.

It’s Pretty Safe

Safety is arguably the most important consideration when it comes to getting these kinds of procedures done. Besides, our eyes are some of the most sensitive parts of our bodies so it’s important to keep them protected and avoid the chance of irritations. Just like most things make-up and beauty related, when done correctly, the procedure isn’t of any harm to you. Generally, the dyes are pretty safe but you can ask questions about the ingredients of our dyes if unsure.

Also, the ease of the procedures might spark the temptation to try it at home. We strongly suggest against this to avoid making mistakes and getting dye into your eyes. Just leave it to our highly skilled professionals to get the job done safely! Furthermore, if you have any eye issues, make sure to check with your eye care professional before proceeding.


From using beauty as a form of expression to boosting your confidence, there are many reasons why people chose the beauty procedures and routines that they do. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are just two of the many available procedures that have many advantages. They are ones that we encourage you to try first-hand based on the number of positive outcomes associated with them.

There are more benefits from tinting that we haven’t listed. Moreover, the ones we’ve highlighted show impactful outcomes. In conclusion, do your homework and decide if either of these procedures are right for you. Once you’ve gone through that process and are confident in wanting to try it out, contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about how our professionals can help you get beautiful brows and lashes. Check our monthly feature regularly for great savings!

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