Winter is here in full force. Many Canadians are booking trips to warmer climates this month. Are you ready to get some sunshine? We have created a vacation prep checklist to have you looking your best. From head to toe, you will be ready to go!

Vacation Prep for Your Skin

Weeks before your trip you should be thinking about how to get the softest skin. If you haven’t already, step up your skin care routine with exfoliation. First, during a shower, use a bath mitt or loofah with your regular cleanser. Alternatively, you could opt for a sugar or salt scrub. Both of these products are an excellent way to get rid of dry skin. For maximum results exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

Next, you want to apply moisturizer immediately post-shower. This ensures moisture is locked in. We suggest choosing something natural such as shea butter to provide lasting hydration.

Finally, don’t forget to find a suitable sunscreen. A quality sunscreen on your vacation prep shopping list is a must! Do your research, many lotions contain harmful ingredients that will block pores. At the same time, high-quality sunscreens can double as a body lotion as well. Therefore, you can hydrate skin while staying safe from the sun, and save some room in your bag.

Build Your Tan

Nothing screams summertime like soft, golden skin. Unfortunately, during these cold winter months, the sunshine is scarce. Not to mention, excess sun exposure is considered a big no-no. To get a healthy glow, add an organic spray tan to your vacation prep checklist. This is the easiest way to become bronzed up, minus the harmful effects of tanning beds or direct sun. Furthermore, you will have a natural looking finish in just 15 minutes.

At Sugar Savvy, we offer Organic Airbrush Tanning services. A St.Tropez Spray Tan Treatment gives you a fast and flawless tan. Moreover, we now use AromaGuard fragrance technology to eliminate self-tan aroma by at least 70%. The mist is paraben free and does not contain harsh chemicals. In other words, what more could you ask for?

Get Polished

Although, not a service we offer, your nails deserve some attention before your big trip. Whether you are headed to a nail bar or planning to DIY, nail care is an essential add-on to your vacation prep checklist.


It is a great time to get your feet ready to go. Proper exfoliation and polishing will make your toes look fantastic in your summery sandals. If you opt to do your pedicure yourself, follow the same steps as a salon. First, begin with a soak. This will soften calluses and rough patches you may have. Next, use a foot file to smooth them over. Finally, cut and file nails as needed. Be sure to push back cuticles and moisturize at the end.


You can follow the same routine for your fingernails. Additionally, you will want to try and add some shape. Check out The Ultimate Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes if you are unsure of what you like. If you are headed to the salon, talk to your esthetician. They will be able to help you choose the perfect shape for the look you are after.

Getting The Perfect Polish

There are a few things you can do to help get your polish just right. To begin, clean the nail with polish remover. By doing so, you are removing any dirt or oil that is left over. Use both a base and a top coat, plus 2-3 coats of color for a rich finished look. Having a hard time choosing a color? 2019 is all about bigger, bolder shades! 9 Best Summer Nail Polish Colours include coral, teal, reds, yellows and even gold. However, if you are looking for something basic and classy – go for the french manicure/pedicure.

Hair Removal

So, you have booked your flight and found a hotel. You have started packing and bought a few new outfits. You are all ready to go! That is until you remember that unwanted hair you forgot about. Unfortunately, many people are self-conscious about their body hair, making hair removal a crucial step in prepping for a vacation.

For a quick fix, shaving is always an easy go-to method. But nicks and scrapes don’t go very well with any swimsuit. Of course, we suggest sugaring for your hair removal needs. Why? Mainly because it is natural, affordable, and will have you feeling soft and smooth for 2 weeks. You won’t have to worry about pesky stray hairs turning up here and there. Consequently, sugaring is also less painful than other methods such as waxing. We use all natural ingredients and work with your skin, instead of against it. Do you have sensitive skin? Sugaring is for you!

Are you interested in added sugaring to your vacation prep checklist? Check out our full List of Services, Or book an appointment online!

Vacation Prep Diet

First and foremost, stay hydrated! Drinking water will be essential before your trip, during, and after. When temperatures rise, so do the risks of becoming dehydrated. In addition to drinking water, try to avoid beverages that have high amounts of sugar, salt or caffeine. Otherwise, your body will be working overtime to try and stay hydrated.

If you are like many, you probably are looking to indulge in foods that aren’t the healthiest choices. Hey, we don’t judge, that’s what vacation is all about. But, that means it’s time to stock up on fruits and veggies before your trip. Vacation prep on the inside is just as important as your looks on the outside. You can improve your immune system with the following foods:

Kick Back, Relax and Enjoy

Now that you have taken all the steps on your vacation prep checklist, you are ready to jet off to somewhere warm. To conclude, we have a few more tips to keep you happy, healthy, and looking fantastic on your trip.

DON’T forget to pack your hat. Not only are hats essential to our outfits, but they also keep the harmful UV rays off our newly glowing faces. A good hat will also protect your scalp from an awful burn.

DO choose proper footwear. Is your go-to choice a pair of your favourite flip flops? While flip flops will protect your feet against things like warts and athletes foot, they may not be the best choice. Experts say that the lack of support can leave you with tendon strains and sore heels, making walking a painful feat.

That’s it, that’s all. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine for us!

Without question, skincare is part of most people’s daily routine. Men and women alike choose products based on a variety of features. Generally speaking, the motive for purchasing is based on marketing features such as “anti-aging” or “repairing”. But, have you ever thought about what goes into making these products? Most store bought products contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, these products only provide a quick fix. In this blog, we will go over some of the benefits of using natural skin care. We will also provide you with our favourite secret ingredients.

To begin, lets face the facts:

What goes on, also goes in. You wouldn’t knowingly eat harmful chemicals. So, why put them on your skin? Your body absorbs whatever you put onto your skin. By choosing natural skin care ingredients you will soon see the benefits. That’s why we work with Sugar & Co and Barefoot Naturals.

Every day the average Canadian woman puts up to 200 chemicals on your skin. This is via perfume, skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products. By choosing chemical-laden products, you are contributing to the toxins in your own body. Be sure to check the ingredient labels!

Natural skin care is environmentally friendly. It is no surprise that if the chemicals are dangerous for us, they are bad for the environment. We wash these products down the drain every single day. Subsequently, the production also has its adverse effects. During the manufacturing, toxins end up in the air and water.

Aloe Vera

People have been using the aloe vera plant since ancient times. It is known for nourishing the body from within. Aiding in digestion, nutrient intake and boosting immune function are some of the many benefits. However, it can be used to enhance the natural beauty of your skin as well.

Aloe vera softens skin with ease. It also allows for moisture without clogging pores. For men, aloe vera is an excellent aftershave treatment! It helps to hydrate your skin and give relief to pesky nicks and razor burn.

Aloe Vera reduces acne. The gentle cleansing and antimicrobial properties can help treat those pimples! Aloe actually protects against bacteria that cause blemishes in the first place. Research shows it even stimulates the growth of new skin cells in the process.

It may have anti-aging properties. This natural skin care ingredient is high in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. People can also choose to take aloe vera in supplement form. Some studies show that this will increase the production of collagen while improving elasticity.

Check out 7 Aloe Vera Face Masks for Perfect Skin.


We are blessed with delicious honey from the hard work of our lovely bees. But did you know it’s not the only thing bees produce? Bees create another product full of fantastic natural skin care benefits – Beeswax.

Beeswax is most commonly known for its conditioning abilities. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, beeswax is for you. It is hypo-allergenic and tolerated by those with highly reactive skin. But, it has a few other benefits you may not know about.

It protects your skin. When you apply this product to your skin, it creates a protective barrier. Beeswax holds in moisture and prevents dryness. With our cold winters, this could be your answer. Beeswax is an excellent remedy for chapped lipped as well. Unlike conventional lip balms, it will not suffocate your skin.

It attracts water. There are some ingredients out there that draw water to your skin. Water molecules are attracted to beeswax. Therefore, it helps to keep your skin and lips hydrated over time. Not just a quick fix!

It smells amazing! One of the best perks of natural skin care ingredients: no harsh fragrances. Beeswax has a natural smell of sweet honey, making it a favourite for skin care products.

This Homemade Lip Chap uses beeswax and can be altered to your personal preferences.

Chilled Tea Bags

Take a minute to relax and rewind. Using tea bags has been a reliable home remedy for centuries. Tea bags can prove to help the appearance of the eyes. They help to treat a variety of ailments such as dark circles, puffiness, and redness. Plus, it is very affordable for those looking to save a few dollars.

So, what type of tea should you use? It is always suggested to use organic teas when possible to avoid any chemicals. If you are looking to revive your eyes than black or green work best, the caffeine and antioxidants will prove to help conditions such as puffiness. For a calming effect, we suggest using herbal teas.

Choose one of the following herbal teas:

Coconut Water

We all know about the benefits of coconut oil. But another part of the coconut proves to be a contender in natural skin care routines: the water.

To begin, it is crucial to hydrate from within – but also from the outside. Is your skin feeling dull and dry? Many people aren’t aware you can apply coconut water directly to your skin. It is the best way to get right to the source! With this method, electrolytes are delivered straight to your skin. Alternatively, drinking the water also provides your body with the electrolytes it needs on a hot summer day.

Do you have super sensitive skin? The antibacterial properties of coconut water can help fight blemishes. Coconut water will naturally cleanse your skin, without stripping essential oils. This highly effective cleanser is easy to use and won’t leave greasy residues on your skin. You will be feeling hydrated and refreshed!


Papaya is both a delicious and healthy choice. It is full of both antioxidants and nutrients. However, most people aren’t aware it can be applied directly to the skin. People are using this inexpensive beauty aid all across the world. Here are our favourite uses:

Exfoliation. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that eliminates dead skin cells. This makes it the perfect natural exfoliant. Papain also helps with aiding in the regeneration of new tissue. This means your skin will be feeling soft and fresh in no time. Even better, you only have to exfoliate once a month!

Anti-Aging. No, this isn’t just another gimmick. Papaya contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), which help minimize wrinkles and fight the many signs of aging. We suggest adding a daily papaya peel to your natural skin care routine.

Natural Skin Care Tips & Tricks

Change your pillowcase to reduce skin creases. If you opted for a coarse fabric, switch to something soft and silky. By doing so, you will decrease friction and compression of the skin. Also, if you’re a side sleeper – switch sides when possible.

Boycott long hours in the sun. We all want that glowing summer tan. But, should we risk our skin health to get it? Spray tans are safe tans!First of all, you minimize sun exposure, and you avoid getting a wicked burn in the process. Spray tans are a way to get that sun-kissed glow you long for…without the hazards. Are you interested in learning more? Visit us today, at Sugar Savvy.

Visit salons that practice natural skin care. It’s always nice to get out and pamper yourself. However, you should be aware of what products a salon chooses to use. For example, waxing products are generally full of harmful chemicals. As a result, many people are faced with allergic reactions to these treatments. Thankfully, there are alternatives out there. Sugaring is an excellent alternative to your average waxing session. Furthermore, many hair and nail salons are pursuing natural options as well.

 At Sugar Savvy we focus on providing high-quality service, using uncomplicated products. Beauty shouldn’t be complicated! Book an Appointment today.

Do you have a case of the winter skin blues? You are not alone! The temperatures outside drop, our heaters are turned up, and our once glowing summer skin is robbed relentlessly of its moisture. Winter months wreak havoc with dryness, itching, and irritation. Thankfully, there are several ways you can adjust your winter skin care routine to combat the winter months and keep you loving your skin all year around. 

Follow these daily skin care tips:

Hydrate Skin From Within

During the colder months, we tend to choose hot drinks such as coffee over water without thinking of the consequences it may have on our skin. Incorporating daily water intake and foods with high water content into your winter skin care routine helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out. This will help keep your skin glowing through the cold, dry months. Your skin also needs a healthy, consistent production of elastin and collagen which is supported by the intake of vitamin C and zinc. To create building blocks from within, try the following fruits & veggies:

In addition to foods high in water content, be sure to eat foods that are rich in Omega-3s. (also known as good fats) Foods such as avocado, salmon, walnuts and chia seeds will help to increase barrier functions of your skin.  Keep moisture in, and other irritants out!

Turn it Down

When the winter weather hits, the first thing we want to do is turn up the heat and jump into a scorching hot shower.. right? Although that may be tempting, think twice before doing either. Dermatologists suggest keeping your homes to a serene, comfortable setting of 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit and limiting shower time to 5-10 minutes in lukewarm water. Are you turning red in the shower? It is too hot! Washing in more cooling water is just as effective, and your skin will thank you later.  

Moisturize Carefully

Do you have a favourite moisturizer that has faired you well all summer long? Coming into the colder months, you may want to consider adding a more robust option with natural and nourishing ingredients to your winter skin care routine. Be careful of the over-the-counter moisturizers that are petroleum based and can further dry out your already dry skin. For uncomplicated beauty products to add to your daily routine, we recommend one of our favourite product lines Barefoot Naturals – products derived from mother earth, with no fillers or chemicals added. Interested in learning more? Call us or book an appointment online at Sugar Savvy, today!

Apply Sunscreen

Don’t be fooled by the grey skies and cold weather. On bright winter days, the snow reflects the suns harmful UV rays and can cause damage to your skin. This means that not only will you feel the effects beaming down from the sky, but also the increased risk comes from the ground filled with white powdery snow. Although you may feel much colder on your winter day walk, the amount of UV rays stays the same as during the summer months. Before you go outside, be sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 to all areas that will be highly exposed. This is a must add to your winter skin care regimen!

Humidify Your Home

As we mentioned, cold weather immediately leads us to turn up the heat within our homes and workspaces. However, heating systems dramatically decrease the amount of moisture left in our air. As a crucial part of your winter skin care routine, we suggest using a humidifier in the rooms you spend the most time in, such as the living room and/or bedroom. Not only will this help the condition of the air circulating through your home but keeps skin hydrated, naturally. 

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Our initial reaction to dry skin – get rid of it! However, we tend to incorporate exfoliation into our skincare routines more than we should. We hope that by removing all dead skin cells, our skin will be left soft and supple. None the less, over-exfoliation leads to stripping our skin of the natural and essential oils it needs to regenerate properly. Now we aren’t saying to ditch this technique entirely, but stick to only once a week. Find a gentle exfoliant that works with your skin, and immediately follow with moisturizer.

Keep Toxins Away!

Do you have more than just the normal-dry skin? EczemaPsoriasis? If this relates to you, you must avoid common allergens and irritants that may trigger a flare-up. Winter skin proves to be more fragile, so avoid itchy fabrics such as wool and use mild detergents explicitly designed for sensitive skin. Many common household cleaners and laundry detergents will only prove to aggravate skin, so read the ingredients before you buy! Avoid any that contain artificial fragrances or high amounts of chemicals.

Sun Kissed Skin

Winter has come. You have said your goodbyes to that beautiful summer tan, but should you have to? Laying out in the suns rays can be incredibly comforting and relaxing, but there are other ways to get that sun-kissed glow all year round. Spray tans are safe tans! We fortify our formulas with nourishing oils and nutrients which provide hydration for your skin, even during the dry winter months.  Skin already damaged? Spray tans contain multi-vitamins that repair aggravated skin while simultaneously covering up less than ideal imperfections. No sun required!

It is inevitable that cold winters will prove to take a toll on your skin, from head to toe. Even your favourite winter activities such as sitting by the fireplace with a hot cup of java can dry out your skin. But switching up your daily routine can work wonders! Do not take winter skin care lightly; it is serious business! It is important to recognize that we must protect our skin from elements outside, but also inside our own home while avoiding harmful toxins and materials. Be sure to adjust your winter skin care routine this year, your skin will thank you!

Healthy Skin and the Food You Eat

Having healthy skin is possible when you choose to have a healthy diet. In last months blog we discussed the first 6 foods that you should include in your diet for the best looking and best feeling skin. To quickly recap, these 6 foods are avocados, broccoli, dark chocolate, fatty fish, green tea, and red or yellow bell peppers. Read on to learn the other foods that you will want to add to your diet for healthy skin.

Red Wine

We’re not saying to finish a few bottles, but instead enjoy a glass or two from time to time! Red wine is known for containing resveratrol, a compound that comes from the skin of red grapes. Resveratrol has with a great range of health benefits. One of the most amazing of them is that is has components for reducing the effects of aging.

Our skin has very specific binding sites for resveratrol. There have been many studies of the affects of resveratrol on our skin. Several have proven that when it is in contact with our skin, this compound slows the skin’s aging. When consumed, it is also able to reduce the production of harmful free radicals. These harmful free radicals damage skin cells and cause the signs of aging.

It is not a good decision to start drinking red wine just because of its potential health benefits. But if you enjoy a glass of wine here and there, you might want to consider red wine as your drink of choice!


Soy contains isoflavones (or plant compounds) that can either mimic or block the estrogen that is in our bodies. It has several potential health benefits, including possible benefits for the skin. One study took place on a group of women in their thirties and forties. It became evident during this study that eating soy isoflavones every day for eight to twelve weeks improved fine wrinkles and the skins elasticity. Soy may also help improve skin dryness and increase collagen in postmenopausal women. Which in the end helps keep your skin smooth and strong. Here are some amazing soy recipes that you can try at home.

Sunflower Seeds

Most people are aware that nuts and seeds are a good source of nutrients. Grab a handful of nuts for your lunch or a quick snack. Then you know you are making a good choice of what to included in your heathy diet for healthy skin. Sunflower seeds are an excellent choice. Choosing to include nuts and seeds in your diet that contain vitamin E is the best option. It is a very simple way to make sure that you are getting enough of this important vitamin and antioxidant in your diet.

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of linoleic acid, an essential omega 6 fat that helps to maintain your skins moisture levels as well as to stay flexible. Take care when choosing sunflower seeds which contain seasonings, as they include high levels of salt.

Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene is a nutrient in plants.  It can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and it is found in orange and dark-green vegetables such as carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes. Having a diet that includes beta-carotene will help keep your skin healthy by acting as a natural sunblock.

When it is consumed, beta-carotene is absorbed into your skin and  then provides protection to your skin cells from sun exposure. This can help prevent a damaging sunburn, skin cell death and the resulting effects of unwanted dry or wrinkled skin. Beta-carotene can also add a warm, orange colour to your skin, contributing to an overall healthier look. Why not switch out your regular potatoes with sweet potatoes – a simple way to have healthy skin!


There are so many types of tomatoes in the supermarkets today – pick some up and try a few new recipes! Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and contain all of the major carotenoids, including lycopene. Beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene have been shown to protect our skin against damage from the sun and may also help prevent wrinkling.

Because tomatoes contain all of the major carotenoids, they are an excellent food choice for maintaining healthy skin. Just remember that carotenoids need fat to be absorbed, so be sure to pair tomatoes with eating something like cheese or olive oil. Who doesn’t enjoy a few slices of tomatoes with some cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and a few fresh sprigs of basil!


Walnuts have many qualities that make them an excellent food choice for healthy skin. They are a good source of essential fats, zinc, vitamins E and C, seleniumand protein. These are all nutrients that our skin requires to stay healthy! Walnuts are a good source of essential fatty acids, which are fats that our bodies can not make by itself. Walnuts are more rich than most other nuts in both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Be careful though, as a diet that is too high in omega 6 fats promotes inflammation. This can include inflammatory conditions of the skin like psoriasis. Omega 3 fats are known to help reduce inflammation in the body, including in our skin. Omega 6 fatty acids are very plentiful in the Western diet, but sources of omega 3 fatty acids are more rare. Walnuts contain a positive ratio of these two fatty acids. Walnuts also contain other nutrients that our skin needs to function properly and stay healthy. Simply add a handful of walnuts in your next salad and enjoy the benefits of having healthy skin!

If you have read both of our latest blogs, you are now aware of twelve more foods that can assist with maintaining healthy skin. Make sure you add these food choices to your next grocery list and have fun trying some new recipes that include these foods. It won’t take long until you see a difference in the elasticity and overall glow of your skin. We all have the choice of what foods we choose to eat – so why not choose what will keep us feeling great with amazing looking healthy skin!