Do you want all eyes on your brows? Eyebrows – they can be a little daunting at times for several reasons.  They can change how we look so drastically, but we usually ignore eyebrows or think that they are too tough to handle. I think we have all been there. So here is a guide for you to take a look at so that your eyebrows do not become the forgotten part of your face.

You Want All Eyes on Your Brows?

Before you run to the nearest pharmacy to buy that new brow product, or pick up new tweezers, let’s talk about a few basics.

Try a Professional

Look up a licensed aesthetician in your area. The shaping of your brows is critical and it is hard to figure out your shaping if you have not had proper training. It is well worth the money to get that shape that is just right for your face. You can easily maintain that shape for a few months if you don’t want to get your brows done regularly. But on the other hand, it doesn’t cost much to have a quick clean up done by the professionals!

Map Your Brows

Before you start plucking, filling in, or doing whatever you do to your brows – you need to map them out. Mapping tells you where your brows should start and where they should end. Take your tweezers or a thin make up brush and hold it vertically up against the outermost part of your nose. Where it lands is where the head of your eyebrow should begin. Place the tweezers diagonally from your nose to the outermost part of your eye. Where it lands is where the tail of the eyebrow should end. Finally, hold it horizontally at the top of your brows to make sure they are the same height. If they aren’t, you can fill in the lower one to match the higher one. Mapping is really helpful because you feel more confident knowing where your brows are supposed to be.

Every Hair Counts

Trim and pluck with care.  If you take even one hair away, it can completely change the shape of your brows. It’s crazy that one hair can make that much of a difference, but it can! Because of this, don’t pluck with your nose right up against a mirror. You stay truer to your shape if you aren’t zooming right in. If you have to use a magnification mirror to see, check in with a regular mirror from time to time. If you are unsure if you should trim or pluck something – the rule is to leave it be! Over-plucking or over-trimming can be a big mistake. You want to have all eyes on your brows for the right reasons!

Brushing the Brows

When you brush, use the proper tool. It’s called a spoolie, and it looks like a clean mascara wand. In the head of the eyebrow, brush the hairs straight up (that is how they tend to grow). Trim across the top as to not mess up the shape. Be super careful trimming the middle to the tail of the eyebrow, because this can create sparse areas very quickly.

Enhancing and Filling In

Let’s talk how to enhance or fill in your brows, and the different ways you can make it happen. Regardless of what you use, use shades one to two times lighter than your hair color if you have darker hair. Blondes or grays, go one shade darker. This will guarantee the most natural look, and get all eyes on your brows.


This is where it all began, and it works for beginners (and experts) because the product goes directly onto your skin. You know exactly where the product will end up. This is a good method for filling in patchy areas since you are trying to draw individual hairs with the pencil.


These are great for fairly dense brows with a few patchy areas, or people that have a good brow shape but choose to add a little more pizazz! Powder gives you a uniform look and you can choose to go darker by layering the powder.

Brow Gels

Gels can either be tinted or clear, and help provide shape, keeping things in place, or add a little bit of tint. Tinted gels should not leave color on your skin, but it will add color to the brow hairs and keep them in place. Control the shape of your brows by applying it in upward motions, then bringing them back down where they need to be – this creates and keeps their shape. Clear gels can also be applied over powders and pencil work without messing it up.


Waxes can be used in pencil form to keep brows in place (like a gel), but they can provide some wonderful filling-in action. A word of caution with waxes: you can overdo it with waxes and it can take matting to a new level. Don’t apply the wax too think, and use a light hand so you avoid build up. When waxes come in a palette form, they usually are accompanied by a powder. That is called a “finisher”, and it is to keep that look in place and happy all day long.

A bit of information for having all eyes on your brows, eh? Now that we’ve gone through that, are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed?

The best option is to start small. If you’re feeling anxious about how everything might work, you aren’t alone. You are adding definition to two large objects on your face. This is a big deal! Start with a light application, stick with it for a day or two, and if you hate it –  just don’t worry about it. Take the risk and ask your friend (the one who will tell you if your zipper is down or you have spinach in your teeth), “Hey, how do my brows look now that you can see them?” It helps to have someone whom you trust give you their honest opinion. Remember, your eyebrows really are a game changer. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have all eyes on your brows!